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CCTV Pro Service Extended Warranty

Reseen Security Installation offers an extended warranty that offers full coverage of any system malfunctions, and technical support. This warranty includes:


General Warranty:  

  • 1-year equipment warranty

    • Covers all problems relating to the performance and quality of our installation for a full year. Within a year following an installation's completion, if adjustments, repairs, or changes are necessary due to an installation error or general quality problem, they will be made without charge under warranty. Some exclusions might be valid. 

Pro Service Extended Warranty: 

  • Unlimited technical support calls and messages. This includes phone calls, video tutorials, and messages, until technical issues are resolved. Any application troubleshoots will be covered. 

  • General app maintenance. 

  • Notification set-up included. 

  • If damage occurs due to weather, or animals (anything that is not an installation or product issue), then it is covered under warranty. 

  • General remote camera maintenance every 3 months, we will reach out if they are not working properly, and set up a free service call.

This extended warranty comes at the cost of $150/year. This total can be paid at the beginning or completion of installation.

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